There are many things I want I want many things Some easy and within reach Some far and hard to reach Slipping through my fingers when I try to grasp them And some, I only conceptualize in my dreams, within the confines of my very soul Such are the unthinkables, unfathomables, and incredibles Such are … More Things

The Man That He Was

She is one of those girls that seem to carry joy and happiness all around them; when I think of her, I think of blue skies with sunshine, rainbows and sweet smelling flowers.  Her unbridled ambition and masked innocence reminds me of myself eons ago. The other day, she told me she looked up to me … More The Man That He Was

I am a Grown Woman

I’m a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me. Maya Angelou Technically, I became a woman the moment I took a conscious decision to act and think not like a child but like an adult. Of course some would argue that being a woman is preceded by some physical changes, but that is not the kind … More I am a Grown Woman